Isle of Skye Wildlife Tours




The Isle of Skye is a beautiful but fragile environment, as such we take great care on our tours not to disturb any of the wildlife we see.


The majority of our sightings are made from public roads or on short walks on well trodden pathways. Considering the persecution much of our wildlife has suffered in the past, at the hand of man, we do all we can to protect them now.


We will not show you any nest sites or visit sensitive areas, that's not to say we don't get close views, just that the views we have are on the animal's terms not ours.


We will also endeavour to teach you where and how to look for the amazing animals that inhabit North West Scotland, so that not only will you be able to find them for yourself in the future, you will do so in the knowledge that the wildlife you see remains undisturbed.


We work closely with the local RSPB office, especially with the recording of Sea Eagle sightings and distribution.


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